April 26...This will be my last "Ramble". Right now I just imagine some of you out there shouting, "Yippie!!!". Sorry to disappoint you, but I said that wrong. This will be my last "Ramble" on this website. I've actually started a blog, so I'll still be rambling, just doing it somewhere else. Hope you'll drop by my blog and pay me a visit. There you'll be able to comment on my ramblings as well as click "follow" to keep up with me on a regular basis. See you in cyber space. Wait...what am I thinking? I can't leave yet...not without giving you the address of my new blog. Here ya go...https://slater-blog.blogspot.com/

April 15th...Well, it's tax day, at least for some. I got mine done in February. Today is a special day for me. I'm going to the publisher this morning to pick up my books. They notified me yesterday that they were in and I went into "go live mode" on this website and on my PayPal account. I've been sending emails, modifying links, and posting on Facebook...a busy few hours to get everything rolling. And what do you know...I've already sold some books. Then I got an email from the publisher that a radio station wanted to interview me. Wow. That was unexpected, but a pleasant surprise. So now I begin the next step of this journey...learning what it's like to be an author. Thanks to all of you who have sent me notes of encouragement. Here we go......................... (oh, by the way, all my daffodyls are up, in case you were wondering.)

March 15th...I love spring! Things begin to grow again. The air is fresh...warm...hmmm...feels good. Flowers start popping out of the ground. Speaking of flowers. We are in a new home and my sweet sister and her husband gave us an order of daffodyl bulbs last fall as a Christmas gift. I carefully selected the places I wanted to see these early risers popping up, dug the appropriate hole and dropped each bulb in the ground. I have been watching daffodyls blooming all over the neighborhood for 3 or 4 weeks now and there hasn't been a sign of them in our yard. I was beginning to worry I had failed in my efforts. But, alas, a couple of weeks ago 1 little daffodyl popped his green head up above ground. Since then, every day I survey the 5 areas in our yard where I planted all of those bulbs. It took another week to see another one. I began to have my hope restored that they were going to make it. Today, I am happy to report, there are little daffodyls coming up in 4 of the 5 areas. What? This isn't important to you? Well, I'm retired. I've got time and I enjoy watching trees grow. Watching flowers is a bonus. Life is good. God is better! Ahhhhh....take a deep breath. Smile. See ya...

March 11th...It looks spring might have sprung here in Ellijay. Trees are budding out. It's warm out. I'm sitting here at the computer with the back door open to the screen porch enjoying the sounds of the wind in the trees. I have a big day tomorrow helping out at our church, The Orchard, here in Ellijay. There are big plans to renovate part of the building. I'll be sore Sunday, for sure.

March 8, 2016...I've been spending a lot of time the last few days figuring out how to make the website work the way I want it. It's fun, but my eyes are tired. I couldn't do this every day. I know some folks do. Ugh! Went out on the porch about 2 hours ago with a good book, "Eternity in Their Hearts". Got in the swing, started reading, and the next thing I knew the dog started barking at something and woke me up. Speaking of a good book, "Eternity in Their Hearts" is a great read. I read it many years ago and have pulled it out to re-read because the author is going to be a guest speaker at a banquet I will be attending in a few weeks. Can't wait. I'll post something here about that after I attend. 

Hey, maybe you are curious...check out Wycliffe Associates (wycliffeassociates.org) and find a banquet in your area. Great stuff.