What About That Cover?

Several people have asked me about the cover of the book. Of course, if you read the book you will learn where it came from. But for the curious who haven't read the book, here is a portion of text from the book that explains it. 

"It was at Schofield that Sergeant Major Morris J. Terrebonne first called Bravo Company "Big Bad Bravo" based on its continued success and achievement within the battalion's competitive atmosphere. It happened at a staff meeting of battalion officers. Most of the officers were already present when Treadwell walked in. The Sergeant Major announced, "Here is Big Bad Bravo!" Well, the name stuck, and the men of the company took pride in the name. Captain Barry D. Gasdek, of Headquarters Company, possessed some artistic skill and put them to good use painting a sign for "Big Bad Bravo" on a sheet of metal. The sign was hung at the Schofield Barracks and also in the company area in Vietnam."

I learned after the book was published that the sign pictured on the cover is actually a re-make of the original. The original was much more colorful and bright, but it burned when the Bravo Headquarters was mortared and caught fire. It was repainted with the paints available in 'Nam at the time.

I had a picture of it, but it wasn't a good picture. I sent out word to the members of Bravo Company that I needed a good picture of the sign. I got a great one from Roger Covington of 4th Platoon (1970) which I was able to use for the book.